Product Brands

  1. Beautex
  2. HIBIS
  3. MOOD
  6. OEM

The Products

Beautex offers a wide and diverse range of consumer paper products including Box Tissue, Bathroom Tissue, Kitchen Towel, Pocket Tissue, Handkerchief, Serviettes. It also offers a wide range of “away from home” products, such as jumbo Roll Tissue, Multi-fold hand towel, interfold hand towel, Facial Box Tissue – Cube and Long, Printed Serviettes, Logo Printing Napkins, for industrial and commercial use.

Brand Values

Beautex strives to be a friendly, household tissue brand. To maintain its commitment as a premium quality product, Beautex has stringent quality controls to ensure that its paper products are soft, strong, highly absorbent, reasonably priced and suitable for use on all occasions.

Paper Products

Consumer Products

Commercial products