The Market

Beautex is a leading tissue brand in Singapore’s personal hygiene industry. Beautex tissues give consumers the smoothness and comfort delicate skin deserves. For the needs of different occasions, consumers may choose from Beautex facial box tissue, pocket tissues.

The Beautex brand strives to be the most popular and to be readily available in Singapore. It adopts a vibrant design in its packaging by making use of attractive colors in its tulip-themed motifs. This has led it to become one of the most recognized tissue brands in the country.

Beautex continues to expand and introduce innovative, quality products that cater to the needs of the consumer. Beautex offers paper grades ranging from premium to economical – the Beautex three-ply tissue for the premium range, the Beautex two-ply for the middle range, and the Beautex Supersave for the economical range.

The company behind the Beautex brand is Tipex Trading Ptd. Ltd, a subsidiary of PSC Corporation Limited. Tipex Trading was founded in 1984 to supplement PSC’s distribution channels. Having set up an excellent distribution network in Singapore, Beautex’s paper products are now widely available. They can be found in hypermarts, supermarkets, minimarts, provision shops, medical halls, convenience shops and coffee shops. This business has since expanded into the Malaysian market and beyond. Beautex paper products are also exported to India, Brunei, Maldives, New Zealand and Australia.


Beautex is a market leader in the Singaporean consumer paper product sectors, and a key contributor to Tipex Trading Group revenues.

Widely recognized as Singapore’s leading local paper products brand, Beautex has a dominant market share in tissue sales. At Singapore minimarts, Beautex facial tissue sales rank number one and bathroom tissue sales rank number two.

In 2007, Beautex is celebrating is 17th successful year, and continuous Superbrands status since 2004. The brand’s rapid success is due to its combination of aggressive marketing, brand buildings, sales promotion and continuing improvements in product design, development and production.


The name Beautex was coined in 1990 when Tipex trading decided to develop its own brand of tissues for the local and export market. In 1992, a wholly owned tissue converting plant, Tips Industry (M) Sdn. Bhd (220506-U). was set up in Malaysia to develop a full range of Beautex paper products.